Who would have thought 10 years ago that as we approach 2020, a cafe, bar or club would become an internet sensation? And not because of the food or music but because of the amazing designs and possibilities for photos.

Well, it’s happening all over and it’s a colorful disease that is quickly spreading around the globe. Business owners all over the world are creating magical Instagram hot spots. Using unique designs, props, flower walls, ornate furniture and much more.

This cafe Merchants Lane in Kuala Lumpur is no exception. Not yet popular or known amongst most tourists but certainly very popular with the locals. During our visit we witnessed many attend for the food and coffee but more importantly the beautifully designed decor.

With its decayed and rustic colored walls, metal grills and stained boardwalks mixed with artificial floral decoration and Malaysian style artwork sprawled across the decaying walls this little cafe makes for the perfect Instagram/photoshoot location.

Not only is this cafe a perfect haven for photos but it is also equipped with amazing WiFi and numerous plug sockets. With seating areas both inside and out in the garden area making it a more than a suitable place to sit and work for the day.

The perfect place to work and play

Cute woven baskets and artificial flowers lace the main wall of the garden

This swing chair is the ultimate selfie spot, and also extremely comfortable

Decay mixed with modern art and plants

The perfect Instagram selfie spot

Close up of the main wall makes for amazing photos

In every corner of this cafe is a perfect photo opportunity

If the decor is not enough to persuade any digital nomad or traveler to take a visit whilst in KL. Then I have to also touch upon the ridiculously tasty food they serve here

A touch of western infused with Malaysian and very moderately priced making it very easy to spend the day here and not burn a hole in your wallet

The decor gives anyone major inspiration for their own homes