Ever wish you could be present at the very moment the idea for a painting was conceived? In this case you can because we got it all on film.

The story behind my painting, “The Bird Doctor” unfortunately is rooted in tragedy. We were filming some of the exotic animals at the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica and received special permission to go behind the scenes and interview the vets feeding the baby sloths and some other “warm fuzzies” from the jungle.

Just as we got everyone mic’d up and turned the cameras on, a woman holding a solemn expression and a Fed-Ex box walked into the room. Her eyes locked with the other vets and then all attention shifted to the faint rustling coming from the box in her hands…see video for the rest of the story.

I was able to witness in real time the undeniable custodianship we as humans have over nature. We are the only animals given this mantle, and it is a heavy and fragile responsibility.

I painted “The Bird Doctor” to remind me of this.

-Sean Diediker

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“The Bird Doctor” by Sean Diediker

The story behind my painting “The Bird Doctor”