DJ Barry’s art treasure hunt, Lost And Found, is happening on Saturday 11/23/2019. The Vermont artist invites everyone to be a kid again and capture a Smurf. The artwork is free under one condition: you promise to do one good thing for the world.

Each Smurf captured will challenge the finder to make the world a better place. 10 different Smurfs will be hidden in 10 different towns across Vermont. This will be the most artwork hidden at once for Lost And Found since it started in July 2017. Clues will be posted on the website and there will be a live stream of the event on Facebook.

A free family fun event for all! Lost And Found is an art show that never has to come down. Vermont is the venue and it’s always open!

More info: | Instagram | Facebook

Grouchy, Crazy and Brainy Smurf

Vanity Smurf

Clumsy Smurf

Papa Smurf

Smurfs In My Studio

Everyone Is Invited To The Event

Jigsaw Fun