Have you ever wondered what the Star Wars characters get up to after the Director shouts ‘THAT’S A WRAP EVERYONE!’ on set?

Photographer and fine artist David Gilliver has given us a rare glimpse into the secret lives of Star Wars villains revealing all kinds of secrets, like how Vader actually has a baby AT-AT at home who is not yet house-trained!

David obtained his Honours Degree in Fine Art Photography from the Glasgow School of Art where he studied from 1997-2001. His final degree-show featured lots of photographs of toys which has been a recurring theme throughout his photographic work for many years now.

“I first photographed Star Wars figures during my degree at the Glasgow School of Art. I got told off by my tutors, probably because they felt the work was silly and devoid of any real meaning. And so I have felt for many years like I have had some unfinished business with the Star Wars toys, making this self-imposed photography project rather cathartic.”

We asked David just how big a fan he was of Star Wars. His answer? “Bigger than Jabba’s belly!”

If you want to see more of David’s Star Wars inspired series then head on over to his website or Facebook Page: ‘David Gilliver Photography’.

More info: davidgilliver.com

Bulking Up

I AM your father…

Greedo at the shrink (I swear Solo shot first)

Lil Trooper

Luke was getting fed up with Darth feeling his presents

Not yet house-trained

Sunday Papers

Game of Thrones

Bath Time (II)

En Vogue


Vader’s Soft Side

Desk set-up complete with wallpapers, flooring, figures and props

A very small portion of my SW toy collection

Dolls House props and furniture

LOTS of props including clothing and all sorts of crazy miniatures