My husband and I went on vacation for a week and asked my brother to stay at our place and watch our dog and 2 cats. This was the best solution since my brother had to study for his exams and could use a quite space and our animals could stay in their own familiar environment. We really don’t like to cause them any stress by moving them to another house, even temporary. My brother moved in and the morning after we left. Everything was going fine until 2 days later he started texting us this story. As you can see i could not decide whether to laugh or to cry! So in the end I decided to share this beautiful yet funny story :)

Ps. Arnie is doing great ;) He was really happy when we returned a week later!

“It’s been a couple of years already. Will they ever come back? My days became nights and my nights became a forgotten blur while waiting for them. My drinks became plentiful and my belly scratches are a thing from my past. How long am I able to hold on to this facade?”

A statue made in honour of Arnold aka ‘Arnie’. He was loyal and trusting till the very end. He waited and sat at this very spot with the hope of seeing them return. Eventually sadness of not seeing his masters return home cost him his life. May he rest in heaven and never be let down by his masters.

“These are the only memories I have from my old masters. I don’t even remember their smell and faces. Was I even a good doggo? Is this the reason they left me with this new awesome owner? I say: “Good riddance, my belly went up by 250%!”

“The other day my new master took me to an expensive park. I felt bad for him, he doesn’t even have enough money to buy food for himself. And here I am, being all sad about the past and not being happy with my new owner. Not enjoying the moment. However, I’m still scared. Will he leave me too? Am I just not a good doggo? Maybe I’m the reason they left, not them.”

“I’ve decided. Before he too can leave me just like my old masters. I’ll leave everyone. I don’t need anyone. I’m an independent doggo who doesn’t need a master. I’ll find my own food and shelter like my ancestors did before me centuries ago. I’ll make this work, but first let’s get out of here before he wakes up from the chloroform.”

“F*ck, he found me. Guess next time I need to plan it out better. I forgot I don’t know how to drive stick. Good thing he doesn’t know a thing. I’ll be planning better next time. Let’s just pretend I’m a good pet for a couple of more days.”

When his masters left him, Arnie was in need for his next fix for attention. His addiction got the best of him and left his dignity in the ditch next to the hopes and dreams he had with his old masters. So he did the next best thing: He begged. He begged every second and wished for the next bit of moment to feel wanted again. To feel loved again..