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My Project “Artist Under Water”
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My Project “Artist Under Water”

I was diving under the water with my paintings as part of the project “Immersion in the world of modern art.”

My main task was to emphasize the importance of contemporary art, to regain the trust and interest of the audience. For almost 10 years, I have been painting, lecturing on contemporary art, and actively promoting interest in painting among the masses.

The large-scale project “immersion in the world of contemporary art” was crowned with a full-scale personal exhibition in the center of Moscow.

Throughout my creative career, I try to combine new technologies and realistic painting, looking for ways to prove that no one is alien to the understanding and admiration of the modern art industry. The deeper you dive into this world, the better you understand it; you begin to understand the details, look for new things and feel like a “fish in water.” All these “water allegories” resulted in the most beautiful performance in my career.

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