I always liked creative things and art since I was little, I started studying art when I was 9. When I had to go secondary school, I chose art school, it wasn’t the best idea, in that school I started to hate drawing, after school I did not know what to do with my life. I felt like I belonged nowhere, I started studying sports-communication.

After that I did not feel good working in a media or applying an another uni. Somehow I started drawing again, and after I saw one of my dad drawings it inspired me, and somehow this detaily drawing became my signature style. It seemed people liked it very much, I even created a Facebook page named Tinkatinka, which helped me because I really saw people reactions for my drawings and I found new interesting people, even new friends.

I would say it’s still a hobby but I have plans, and now my dream is to become a full time artist and makeup artist (my other passion I found recently, I’ll write about it in another article), not an easy future, but I love doing this and nothing else. If you like my art, share my story, maybe it will give some motivation out there for you “hiding artists”.

More info: Facebook

Prince Fox in progress

The pineapple

Drawing Prince Fox