The situation for LGBTQ+people around the world is still challenging and in many places people are still not able to freely love who they want. Visit Oslo, the official tourist information of the Norwegian capital, wanted even more people to experience the joy the Parade brings to the city.

In a new film you can experience Oslo Pride through the eyes of Kadir Telli (24) from Turkey and married couple Anna Grúňová (31) og Klára Slivoňová (32) from the Czech Republic.

For Kadir, who is gay, it was an emotional experience. He has never participated in a Pride Parade before. In his hometown of Istanbul, the Parade was recently cancelled by the police for the fourth year in a row. When hundreds of people crossed the ban and started marching anyway, the riot police used tear gas. Homosexuality is not illegal in Turkey, but Kadir still experiences a lot of prejudices and challenges because of who he is.

Anna Grúňová is a police officer in her hometown of Brno, the second largest city in Czech Republic, and was very surprised to see that Norwegian police officers actually participating in the Parade.

Klara, Anna & Kadir on the way to the Parade

– What I find unique in Oslo Pride is that it is very inclusive. Not only LGBTQ+-individuals participate in it, but all the Norwegian people and everybody is welcome.


-In the Czech Republic during Pride, the police work as guards. I cannot imagine a police officer attending the Pride itself.


– I love Oslo. Not only does it give me the freedom to be who I am, at also gives me the joy to have fun as who I am.


Watch the full Proud Experience here: