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The Pokémon (Drawing) Adventure Continues … Through My Eyes!
User submission
Digital Art3 years ago

The Pokémon (Drawing) Adventure Continues … Through My Eyes!

In 2016, I started drawing Pokémon into my photos and continued to do so throughout 2017. You can see my previous drawings here:

This year 2018 was no different, as my adventures continues. Sometimes, friends being curious will ask why I am taking a photo when the place looks plain. I even do get curious looks from passersby, as it seemed there is something missing around me.

True enough, what they see is different from what I see. Through my eyes, there is a Pokémon world! To show them what I see, I did all my drawings on Photoshop.

Here are my highlights of 2018, hope you enjoy ’em all!

More info: Instagram

#1 Are You Ready To Battle Against The Bug Team?

#2 Encountering The Beautiful Milotics

#3 Battle Between Legends

#4 It’s A Magical Time Of The Year

#5 To The Place Where Legends Are Born

#6 Another Legendary Of The Forest

#7 A Summer’s Sunday!

#8 Strong & Rugged, Here We Go!

#9 Strong & Valiant! Go, My Steady!

#10 Wishing Upon A Star

#11 Imbued With The Kyūbi

#12 Life Finds A Way … In The Park!

#13 A Mellow Time In Autumn

#14 The Raid Of Groudon in Japan

#15 Learning Ninjutsu

#16 Time To Snack!

#17 Is This Food Or Magic?

#18 Training To Be Stronger

#19 Up and Up, We Shall Climb!

#20 Ready For The Next Adventure!


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