Once upon a time... there was magic in the real world.

There was a boy, a girl, a small orange cat walking on the fence. There was a frozen bird in the gentle hands. White chicken enjoying the rain, white goose proud as a swan, white horse coming back from a distant walk. There was a plenty of invisible strings between children and dogs. Unspeakable words spoken by hearts, visible in the eyes.

There was a grandma that opened an old book for a bedtime story. Fire in the fireplace and the lantern by the river. And there was a photographer. In this hidden world, far away from a busy crowd. She knows that her old camera can catch all the invisible strings floating around her. And all the magic was her supermodel.

In this far, far away village, from one small spot visible from the sky, she was spreading a hope. A hope that anyone could feel and touch everyday magic.

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tuzdayschild 8 months ago

This is my favorite. Looks more like a captured moment than a pose.