A single photo, you can get a miracle.

That morning, we visited the kennel Torrejon De Ardoz in Madrid (Spain). We wanted to photograph all the dogs and cats waiting there an adoption, within our “Invisibles” photographic project.

By chance, we met this kitten. Days before she was rescued from the street by the Hoope association. His condition was serious infections and malnutrition.

She had surgery recently, had lost an eye to a serious infection, and had serious doubts about whether he could keep the other eye. The association urgently needed funds to finance high surgical and veterinary expenses, so we took us to an image that draw the attention of their situation and hoping to raise money for their care.

The photograph on the hand, she so small and in a very delicate state, toured the social networks and in less than 48 hours Hoope association had raised enough money to pay veterinary costs. 

A few months later we wanted to return to photograph Fuyi. He contacts the person who had cared for her throughout her convalescence was established and eventually decided to adopt her. Both of them visited us in our studio and we photographed again to Fuyi.

Fuyi now called “MISSI” renowned for his adoptive family and as you can see in the picture, the effort of so many people worth.

More info: fotopets.es

Fuyi was recently operated. She had lost one eye due to an infection and it was feared that he might lose the other

Current state of Fuyi. Finally, thanks to the care of her adoptive family, retained his eye and is a happy cat