The use of stained glass is common in the interior design of Iranian architecture and also in Churches and Synagogues. But it may seem amazing to you to see it in Mosques.

Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque is one of the few mosques in the world whose impressive interior design with “stained glass” has turned it into an admirable artwork. What made me prepare this collection was my enthusiasm to explore the world through the lens of my camera. From the first days after having bought my first Camera I started to discover the beauty around me. In one of such explorations to every corner of my city “Shiraz”, I stepped into this mosque for the first time. I got immersed in a world of colors, light and the exquisiteness of the astonishing details of the premium Iranian Architecture.

Even now after the passage of five years, in my dreams I still see myself floating in colored lights that flow into the mosque through the windows of its bedchamber. Whenever I step into this mosque, I anticipate a novel and innovative event to bring about a new dream for me. The collection of “The Mosque of Colors” is the result of my over-three-years photography in different seasons and light conditions.

You can download all photos in a PDF file here.

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The Mosque Of Colors

Main Bedchamber

Arch Of Magic

Main arch of Nasir al-Molk Mosque

Calm Of Colors

In The Morning Light

Published in 14th February 2015 in “The TIMES” Newspaper – Great Britannia

The Arch Of Rainbow

Arch and Ceiling of the Mihrab

Magic Of Harmony

Columns Of Colors

The Mosque Of Colors

The main way to Mihrab

In Dream Of Colors

The Wall Of God

The Mosque Of Colors

Main Bedchamber

A young woman praying in main Bedchamber of Mosque

Main Bedchamber

The Ceiling of main Arch

The yard of Nasir al-Molk Mosque


The Ceiling of main Arch

In Celebration Of Colors

The Yard of Nasir al-Mulk Mosque appearance in night

Ceiling Of Colors

The Ceiling in main Bedchamber