Since last September we live with our dog Pablo who was rescued from the streets, from under a dustbin.

I was never sure if I 100% wanted a dog, and I was sure I never wanted one from a shelter. But 8 months (okay it was just 2) were enough to change my mind and be sure that I never want to live without a dog and I will always adopt one from a shelter.

Every morning starts with fun and a little bit of play, every day means walks in the wood, and every night is chilled and pleasant. Everybody who hesitates to adopt a puppy, better to stop worrying, and just jump in. It can be tricky at the beginning, but even we, people can learn a lot from them.

Life is just better with a dog.

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The very first day

After getting to know his new home a little bit

And the never-ending training has begun

Curiosity at its maximum

Playing in the field

He could go finally to the living room

Last rays of the autumn Sun

First snow

Adventures is the forest

First experiences in the sea

They grow up so fast…

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