For the last two years I’ve been traveling around with my scissors to cut people’s hair at the most random places.

Mountain tops in Spain, festivals in Holland and Portugal, beaches in France, music venues in Australia and lots more.

I’m living in my 4×4 campervan. Besides cutting hair I play guitar and write songs. This has been an amazing journey so far.

I love to create good vibes by doing what I love and i’m enjoying how it connects me to others.


Matthew (the Netherlands)

Somewhere in Spain. Private lake for 4 days

Busking in Sintra (Portugal)

Snowy days at my friend’s cabin

Inside fellow dutch guy’s campervan

Lisbon abandoned rooftop

Squatted house, Northern Spain

Panoramic Haircut Lisbon

My first vlog! (scary stuff)

The spot where I got lots of my inspiration

I just really love festivals

This dude traveled with me for three weeks. He just loves Rodriquez