It was a gloomy, rainy day. I was driving through Poland towards Cracow and as always I had my camera with me. I left early in the morning hoping that somewhere along the way the sun will break through the clouds and I will be able to do take some of my favorite photos in the fog. Unfortunately, there were no signs that I would today press the shutter button at least once.

However, the belief that those who seek will always find told me to look at a roadside pasture. There I saw a sight that one can meet once, maybe twice in a lifetime. Before my eyes a little calf was being born.

I quickly stopped the car and turned around. I took my camera from my backpack and there I witnessed the first, if not the most important moments of life. Before my eyes the mother was washing the newborn with her tongue. His hair was sticking out so quickly in my mind I named him Cactus. Then the new life in this little calf started accelerating.

I witnessed his first rise and his first fall, then when the forces of nature gained momentum I saw him struggling to keep steady on his feet, then his first wobbly steps and an attempted run. At the end he started to get hungry and the little calf begun to look for his mum’s milk. And so, this little but amazing creature turned my grim day into beautiful and lucky. I still remember this moment and I feel fortunate and honored that I could watch the miracle of birth and the first moments of a new life.