“Three Little Pigs” is the first farm animal sanctuary in Lithuania and the Baltic states. It is a place where animals rescued from slaughter, farms and bad living conditions get full time care. “Three Little Pigs” sanctuary is not exploiting animals in any form. Rescued animals live freely, they can interact with their kind and enjoy human attention.

Founders of organization says: “Our mission is not only to give permanent home for rescued animals, but also educate the society: we encourage people to adopt an animal friendly diet and lifestyle. Visitors can become friends with our animals, interact with them and get to know their personalities. They learn that each animal is to be respected and loved. Our visitors can also get to know the reality of Lithuanian animal farms’ conditions.”

“Three Little Pigs” is a nonprofit organization. Currently, nearly 30 animals can feel at home here. Most of them were rescued out of extremely poor conditions and brought here, where for the first time in their life they felt safe.

From March to April 2017 the sanctuary runs fundraising campaign to buy a homestead, which they got for a temporary use.

Below you can find video made by Wide Wings for fundraising campaign and pictures of the animals of “Three Little Pigs” taken by LONGWELIVE photographers.

More info: goo.gl

Founders Viktorija and Edvardas with their hens and a dog

Zuika, the cow, loves to be petted

Animals likes to eat and play with apples

Animals loves to run around the homestead

Viktorija with goats

Viktorija is petting Zuika

Sorroundings of the homestead

Be a Hero of Animal Rights