Working again with the fabulous turban brand, Ever So Dainty, and here are the results! When brainstorming ideas on new content, I thought straight away, what haven’t I done? But also love the look of? Milk Baths, they literally make me melt – I find them so cute. So American but so cute, right? The logistics of doing a shoot like this required me to have an assistant and I thought what’s better than having Rob to help me?… But how wrong was I!

I arranged the fresh flowers in color order for each turban. Pinks for the pink turbans and white for the other turbans. Obviously, after failing science terribly at school it came to no surprise with simple basics like when putting Halle in a tin bath, already filled with water/ milk that it would all overflow. I’m laughing, typical if anyone knows me and how childish I am. Robs freaking out as Halle is naked whilst trying to eat the flowers. My Canon is by my side, whilst I’m frantically trying to manage Halle from not splashing it. As more water overflows Rob is losing his mind that the milk will make the carpets smell. Never-the-less, I actually loved this photoshoot and the results are pretty cute. Ever So Dainty are thrilled with the results and as you can see, these photographs are on their website. But considering it all, I still think it was worth the tears, laughs, and argument. In hindsight, I would have picked a different photography assistant, but unfortunately, my sister was working that day.

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