Hey! One and a half months ago I decided to buy a present for my boyfriend. He never had a pet so the best choice for me was to get him a little cutie for a pet. I wasn’t allowed to buy cats or dogs, or anything like that (because of the fur) so I had to thought about something different. Like geckos e.g. :D I saw a picture of a little leopard gecko on Instagram and I immediately decided that this little cutie will be the ever wanted pet. So I introduce you Gery the Gecko. She is just 4 months old but she is just as extraordinary as she can be for such a small thing. Here are just some of the photos that we took of her – she is posing in every one of them and I can’t really say if she is a gecko or a model. Gery is also practicing yoga every morning. You can tell by the pictures! :D

Not long ago a catched her on camera falling of her new rock cave but seconds after the fall she stood as fabulous as she can. It end up as a funny video under Snoop Dog’s song The Next Episode. I hope you’ll like it and I must say that she isn’t injured as you can see of the following photos. She is even better at posing in front of the camera! :D

More info: youtube.com

Smiling Gery

Gery’s Yoga Routine

Just Zen

Look at those legs … A Model!

Oh, and that long tail … Model #2

Gery also enjoys watching movies with us :D

And this is Gery when she was just 3 month old. She is now grown a lot but still the same cutie

The Thug Life of Gery the Gecko