Pad Man is a Indian biographical comedy-drama film set the release on 8th of February, starring popular Indian actor Akshay Kumar.

The film aims to educate women and men about menstrual hygiene and remove the stigma and taboo around the subject. Further, it is a plea to politicians to drive their attention towards sanitary pads and making it mandatory across institutions.

Thousands of people are joining the #PadManChallenge to destigmatise menstrual health by posting pictures of themselves with sanitary pads on social media.

Women are often forced to use old newspapers, rags, hay, sawdust, sand or ash because only 12 per cent of women have access to sanitary products.

HOWEVER, a few but growing number of women want the revolution to be a sustainable on. We are responding with the #cupandcloth challenge. A jump from unhygienic dirty rags, paper, ash and so on to disposables, especially in a country like India where over 30% of our population of 1.3 people are menstruating women can be catastrophic.

Our country presently lacks the infrastructure, education or resources to safely collect and process to disposables. The discarded sanitary pads are collected and MANUALLY segregated by waste workers. Often, sanitary pads and diapers are discarded in the open, close to water bodies, homes and schools, posing real risk to humans, animals and environment alike.

We want to bring focus to alternatives – Cloth pads, Period Panties, Menstrual Cups, or plain old cloth – clean and hygienic.

Get this:

One menstrual cup replaces approximately 3000 sanitary pads in 10 years. One reusable pad replaces about 50-60 disposable ones in 2 years.

We want government to distribute THESE products free and by the thousands. We want to educate our girls, sisters and mothers about proper hygiene and menstrual care. Hence, the #cupandcloth challenge. Join us and post your pic with a reusable cup and cloth. #dignitytoall #womendobleed #letstalksustainableperiod Join the #clothandpad challenge, post your pics here and tell us why you believe this is the way forward.

More info:

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But.. where do those pads end up? India has a very nascent waste management policy.

Manual Scavenging, although banned, is rampant practice to remove diapers and pads clogging drains.

Disposables just add to the already burning problem. We are a billon plus and education about proper disposal has just begun. Do we need to add to the stinky pile just yet?

Hundreds of women respond to the #PadManChallenge with the #CupAndCloth campaign

Men weren’t far behind, showing support to the cause.

And needless to say, a sensitive man is a true hero!

TedX speaker Vani Murthy adds her support, among others

Acrobatics adds a twist

Friends group together in support

Some literally stood on their heads to shout out to the #CupAndCloth challenge

Mothers and daughters rose to the ocassion

So did mothers and sons

Calling PM Modi. Can we go #earthfriendly sir?

#Meandmy #padman

Period Panties, Labia Pads, Reusable Pads and More! A wide range to choose from if you want to go #earthfriendly

And media catches on. While Greentheredrs go on radio to speak about the need for Sustainable Hygiene Products, newspapers also cover the evolving story.

Some felt they needed to do more. They visited theaters where the show was screening and took pics with Pad Man Posters

And some were being down right naughty!

Gynaecologist Pushpalatha Adds her support among other Medical Practitioners

Marathoner Cupster and mother of two teen girls – Chitra Praneeth in support of CupAndCloth

Bengaluru’s Citizen Activist and Ob Gyn Dr. Meenakshi Bharath

Some Reusable Menstrual Products sir, if you will…

My Cup Of Tea…

The Senior most GreenTheRedr Sindhu Naik seen here making a statement


Would you join hands with our movement? #Cupandcloth with your pic on social media. Let’s spread the word!