I will try to attempt to share with you the love I have developed for the foxes living in the dunes on the coast of the Netherlands, and the joy I experience in photographing them.

I have started nature photography around 2012 and it didn’t take me long to “find” this unique group of foxes living near the coast in an area where it is forbidden to hunt them so they have less fear for “us”, the two-legged creatures, and are very approachable. This gave me the ability to make close by photos and record their behaviour in a special way, and I by sharing these “moments” with you I hope to bring across the love I have for these beautiful creatures.

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Dreaming big dreams

Shy fox

Mother and Child reunion

Fox portrait

Narcissus, fox “looking” at her reflection on a frozen pond

Mother and Son portrait

Fox silhouette

Young fox enjoying the evening sun

Relaxing yet cautious

Fox on the look out

Thirsty Fox

Young playfull fox

The Dispute

Young Fox frog hunting

laughing fox

Almost Flying Fox

The Dreamer


Drinking fox on ice

Fox in snow

Wanna Play?

Locked on a prey

The Yawn

Fox family grooming session