This is some of my work using the M.C. Escher inspired droste effect, made using mathematical algorithms created by people far more intelligent than me, like the photographer & software developer Josh Sommers. I’ve used several different techniques & burned out a couple of computers in the process to make these images, here are some of my mind bending best.

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One of my most popular images and one I’m proud to say hangs on a few walls. Underneath all the insanity is one of the clock faces of the Liver Buildings in my home town of Liverpool.

Me Within Me.

A terrifying self portrait shot on my Samsung S4 then messed with.

Efy’s Spiral.

My wife & eternal inspiration.


My old Ricoh slr, one of the first cameras I learned to shoot with.

Brass Reduct.

A re-edit of one of my Little Planet images from another post.

Recursive Prime.

Ferris Repetition.

Fig. Infinity!

Original image & painting co-created with Luke “Spooks” Rogers.

Droste Self Portrait.