We are all creations of a duality. A link of a chain the forms the base of the continuation. It takes two to tango, it takes two to love and it takes two for an artwork to exist.

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The advent of the new era is coming along with a lot of challenges to the human behaviour, the perception of time, relations and even arts. A lot of things are changing and other seem to remain the same.

How can you relate the old with the new? What is timeless?

I am a digital artist and in this selection of 3d artworks during the last 7 years, I have been trying to investigate the new creative duality.

More info: martinakis.com | Instagram

#1 Last Kiss

Last Kiss


Lauren Kaufmann 1 year ago

Is that the album cover for the script's No sound Without Silence?

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#2 Fatal



Carly Noelle 1 year ago

Whoa . . . Creepy, but I love it.

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#5 The Insiders

The Insiders


aida kamalian 1 year ago

Vaguely horrid...

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#8 Breathless Connection

Breathless Connection


Sandy Davis 1 year ago

this is exceptional ! love it.

#9 To The Point Of No Return

To The Point Of No Return


Wendy Chavez 1 year ago

This is incredible--so emotional!

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#12 Momentum



Suzanne Barnes 1 year ago

Strangely beautiful and captivating; I'll remember this one.

#14 Synthetic_i



Victoria Zinke 1 year ago

fantastic art