This week at PicsArt started like any other. Content was curated, the support team poured over app reviews, and developers got to work making sure you have all of the tools you need to make your images as creative as you are. We even launched an amazing new tool that is opening up a world of possibilities with the swipe of a finger. After a busy few days, our CTO decided to take a quick nap in our San Francisco office.

Keeping a photo-editing app in top shape can be tiring work, especially if you’re a jet-setter at a global company. PicsArt employees showed no mercy.

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Meet Mika. Mika is our awesome CTO at PicsArt. He works hard to make sure things are up and running on an international scale, and is more than deserving of some rest. No big deal, right? Here’s how the rest of the employees reacted from around the world.

Pictured here is our fearless leader, handling ferocious adversity with calmness and serenity. He is an inspiration to us all.

Elon Musk dominated news in the tech world this week, but did you know that Mika was also sent into orbit with the Tesla Roadster? He is truly out of this world.

People around the world were devastated when Kylie was left out of the Kardashian Christmas Picture. Luckily, Mika was there to fill the void. You could say he saved Christmas.

Even the CTO has to take a break every once in a while. Soak up the sun, Mika.

Can you believe the “fake news” hasn’t said anything about angel and devil Mika trying to sway our president? Sad!

We are excited to introduce the House of Mika. The iron throne in the office is a little concerning, but we are sure he will prove to be a fair and just first king of PicsArt.

Mika shows off his photogenic side with some classic B&W photos. Strike a pose, Mika. Strike a pose.

Peace, love and Bill Murray are the ingredients for a happy office. Sleep on, Mika.

What can we say? Working at PicsArt is like being on cloud nine.