Meet Finley, a character I started working on virtually by accident. This ‘being’ just popped onto the page one day when I started my sketch for the day (I’d commited to a 30 day sketch thing). Up till that day I’d been drawing some pretty anxty things induced by our current political climate and violence around the world. It felt so good drawing Finley that I just kept going… 

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A Very Strange Character

This is the first drawing of Finley (-still needs some work -I kind of messed up his butt) who virtually popped up during my 30 day drawing commitment.

Sitting Quietly

I was intrigued by this character so I thought I’d see what it would look like sitting.

Curled up

This is what I’d wanted to do all day so I decided to draw Finley doing it.

Sitting, Looking, Thinking

More exploring differenct poses for the character. I love the one onthe left.

Balloons Make Me Happy

I had to give my character a balloon. Look how much they enjoy it!!!

My Happy Place

I’ve been having such a blast snowboarding this winter. It became my happy place. Had to see what Finley looked like on a board!

Rain, the Smell of Rain

I was out walking my dog in the rain that night. I couldn’t get over how good it smelled!

It’s all in the Mind

I had a great visit with a friend and they reminded me just how much our reality is shaped by our perceptions.

I Need a Name

After so many days of drawing this character it just made sense to start looking for a name.

Finley Fetherston

After such a great response from friends and thinking and thinking, the name Finley Fetherston came to be.

Another Happy Place

It seems that Finley is built for more than 1 doughnut.

Time to Think

At the end of the 30 day drawing commitment I realized I had created something worth developing further. Now its time to figure out what to do with Finley. So far a children’s book seems to make the most sense. What do you think?