Newlyweds Ishu of 48 years and Laura Rao of 39 soon after the marriage lost the house and all things in a wildfire. To please his wife after the tragedy, the man went with Laura to the ashes and found his wedding ring. Against the backdrop of the burning house, Ishu again made a proposal to his wife. And his spiritual impulse had an incredible effect.

The Americans Ishu and Laura Rao were married eight months ago and settled in the small town of Goleta in southern California. In early July, a major fire occurred in the city at night, in which nine buildings were damaged. One of them was the house of the newlyweds.

The fire started when the family was getting ready for bed. The fire was spreading rapidly, and Rao had only a few minutes left the burning house alive with the man’s young daughters, three dogs, and a cat. The family moved in with their relatives for a while, but on the first weekend, Ishu and Laura decided to return to the house burned. In their place, they found nothing but a heap of ashes. However, Ishu did not plan to leave so quickly.

Ishu remembered his wife’s habit – put a ring on the bedside table before going to bed. And scouring the ashes in the place of the old conjugal room, Ishu was able to find him.

Without thinking twice the man bowed down in front of the woman and asked her to marry again with the alliance found, thus symbolizing a new beginning.

“She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, she connects our family and I love everything about her, so if I could make her smile, I would do it,” Ishu told the New York Post

Her husband’s impulse affected Laura immediately. The woman began to laugh and cry at the same time. However, she still managed to agree to the proposal of Yishu a second time and look at what happened to the family with the unhappiness of the new side.

“He seemed to take away all my pain and reminded me of what really matters in life – the people around him.” Laura said excitedly.

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8 months ago this beautiful couple getting married and did not imagine the sad moment that they would live after

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In early July this couple lost their home in a terrible fire

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Ishu found the ring amid the ashes and remade the wedding request by thrilling Laura, making her happier

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“She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, she’s the glue in our family, and I adore her to pieces, so if I can put a smile on her face I’m going to do it,” said Ishu

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“It put everything into perspective,” Laura said. “It took all the pain away and reminded me of what matters in life: the people around you.”

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