Japanese “kigurumi” are animal onesie costumes. I thought it’d be a fun series to represent the 12 Chinese zodiac animals as kigurumi. I also wanted to get back into watercolor and painting, so this is my series of mixed media illustrations made with watercolor paint, acrylic paint, archival ink pens, color pencils, and black walnut ink (homemade by my significant person, Jordan Buzzy!)

More info: taneko.storenvy.com


Dragons love adventure and romance. They have a mysterious personality, and seem indifferent to common things. Because of this, they may seem lazy, but once they decide to do something, they show great ambition.


Snakes can appear to be cold or distant, but inside they are warm, enthusiastic idealists. They are humorous and sophisticated, but don’t care much for small talk. In chaos, they are able to calmly think of solutions.


Horses are positive and energetic, always pushing themselves forward. They’re never one to surrender, and desire freedom to do what makes them happy. Sometimes they can also lose interest quickly.


Sheep have kind hearts, and would rather suffer silently than argue and ruin someone else’s mood. However, even in silence, they remain steadfast in their own opinions. They’re able to patiently and politely persuade others into their favor.


Monkeys care about things they’re interested in. If they’re uninterested, they’ll do a poor job, but if they are interested, they perform tasks wholeheartedly until they succeed. They’re full of energy and are curious about the world.


Roosters can easily gauge how someone is thinking or feeling. They have foresight and like to plan everything carefully. They are straightforward, so they have no problem directly criticizing something they see unfit by their standards.


Dogs are loyal, and will never abandon anything, whether it’s their friends, family, or work. Because they are honest and just, they’re popular and likeable. Once they’ve made a decision, no one can change their mind.


Boars are very realistic. Though they may not stand out in a crowd, they always follow through with what they say they’ll do. They are energetic and always enthusiastic, even about things others may think are boring.


Rats are optimistic and energetic. Because they’re sensitive to others’ emotions, they’re likable by all, but can be stubborn with their opinions. They like to save things but it can lead to hoarding.


Oxen are hard workers and have a strong sense of responsibility. They are diligent and can persevere through difficulties. Because they never seek praise, this can sometimes hide their talent.


Tigers are independent and have high self-esteem. They enjoy leading and protecting others. They never back down, which can become recklessness. Although this can cause them to fail, they always find a way to stand back up and succeed.


Rabbits are gentle, quiet, and polite. This can mask their inner confidence and strength, and they may find it hard to open up to others. However, their sense of responsibility and attention to detail will lead them to success.