Australia is awesome. Sure it’s got deadly spiders, and deadly snakes, and deadly sharks, and other deadly stuff, but still, it’s one of the most incredible places on the planet. Which is why this guy from Toensberg, Norway, who goes by the username Boedith, decided to grab his backpack and head down under for the adventure of a lifetime, but his epic solo escapade turned out to be a little, well, underwhelming. “I traveled Australia alone. It was terrible,” he wrote before uploading a series of unamused holiday snaps to emphasize his point. From Brisbane zoo to Bondi Beach and the Great Ocean Road, nothing managed to put a smile on this guy’s face. Not even Koalas! See for yourself in the grumpy pictures below.

Despite how it may seem however, we promise you that he did in fact have a lot of fun. “I had 6 awesome weeks traveling around Australia, it’s an amazing country,” he told Bored Panda. “I just took those selfies and sent to my jealous friends back home while I was traveling, trying to convince them there was nothing to be jealous about. They didn’t buy it. I had never expected this thing to go viral, so I think it’s a bit crazy how these photos spread across the world in just a few days!”

“Bondi Beach in Sydney, not at all like on tv”

“Melbourne was just buildings”

“Heard the Great Ocean Road was amazing, was just some stupid rocks”

“Was gonna beat up the stupid comedian”

“Got a free hug instead. It was a good hug”

“Brisbane has a beach inside the city. Just stupid”

“Thought the zoo would cheer me up. Turns out Steve Irwin is dead”

“And koalas sleep all the time. Why even display those lazy things?”

“Went to see the most famous ship in Queensland. It can’t even sail…”

“Enjoy the view they said. Didn’t even see sharks…”

“Finally tried renting a car when I got to Cairns to lighten my mood”

“Got pulled over for driving grumpy and got a big fine”

“So I got out of there. Australia sucks”