My second part of an adventure travel series that I shot in Cambodia 2014.

As most travelers know, the time we spend watching, listening and interacting with exotic cultures in far off lands can often have profound and unexpected consequences on ourselves.

I went to the Bokor national park at Kampot and sat on the roof of an abandoned concrete Mansion overlooking the Southern Islands. Far far away I could see the misty islands of Vietnam.

“Dark clouds dissipate, tumulus tones of white and grey slowly crack at shadowed seams, shuddering light cascades through forcing the resistant cracks wider. The Nothing has become nothing, and with it, I became something. A new beginning maybe.”

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A Happy Monk

Chilling by the Kep’s crab shacks.

Braving A Storm

Shooting out the back of a Tuk Tuk.

A Little Snack

The day at a market in Siem Reap town center.

Grazing Cows In Siem Reap

In the depths of Cambodia’s pre-eminent Angkorian complex two cows graze nonchalantly amid a thundery deluge.

Ta Prohm Temple

Didn’t see Angelina :(

Approaching Angkor Wat

Not sure where everyone went, it was screaming busy a minute ago.


Just above the Kep shoreline we had a lunch together, the monkey and me.

A Makeshift Pool

Phnom Penh late afternoon just after another heavy rain storm.

Hiding from the afternoon downpour

A Tuk Tuk on the road somewhere in Northern Cambodia. I was very wet.

Flooded Rice Fields

Took about 30 minutes to make my way out by foot along the field edges. I had to be very careful and not to slip in the mud, as it would be a disaster for my gear. Luckily I made it back in one piece this time.

Outside the temple

Local History

Navigating the marauding hawkers on a small island just outside Phnom Pehn we went to a local house for a little respite.

Three Windows

Up in Bokor National Park monks hang about at The Lookout, a somewhat isolated temple with one heck of a view.

Kampot Ink

Some sweet ink-work on a disused outer wall of a house in Kampot, Cambodia.

The White Building

Walking through the White Building in Phnom Penh we heared strummed chords float down from the upper levels.

A Jetty In Kep

Sometimes I wonder how I made it back alive.

Inside Bokor

A church in the middle of nowhere.

An Ancient Stone Facade

Angkor Wat early morning shooting.

Behind Orussey