‘TattooAge. Never too old,’ is a photography project where we photographed 25 elderly people with tattoos in their living rooms. In these photographs, they show their aged tattoos and share the stories behind them: from a gift from a grandchild to the memory of a lost loved one. Some of these cool people got their first tattoo ideas done as late as 80.

In addition to the cool photo project, we also published a book with the same name. Besides photographs, it includes teaching material on tattoo culture, which could be used in the academic community. It discusses the meaning behind tattoos, people’s experiences, and life lessons, such as dealing with loss, aging, etc. The exhibition showcasing the brave older people with tattoos began its tour across the Netherlands on September 20.

People often assume that tattoos are only done at a young age, so they ask the senior citizens whether their tattoo aging process involved fading or sagging. With this project, we not only want to tell the stories behind the tattoos but prove that age does not matter. It’s a fact – you are never too old for a tattoo!

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