A London-based tattoo artist Belle Atrix is being criticized online after deciding to cover her body with Blackwork tattoos.

Belle has been documenting and sharing her controversial tattoo journey on Instagram by posting short clips of her tattooing herself in solid black tattoos. People are not happy about it.

While Atrix sees creating her own body art as a kind of “therapy”, her followers have many opinions. Some are encouraging her choice and saying that it’s “gorgeous”, “fantastic” and an “inspiration”. Others are on the complete opposite side however – “You need to be treated. Sick mind,” “Not saying this is racist cause it’s not but if she goes anywhere near her face it will be” wrote Instagram users. “Some people do it for different reasons, I’ve heard pain over aesthetic being one of them, but everytime I see it i still think how is this not akin to blackface, damn these people want to be black so bad!” wrote a user called jayvoops.

It is clear that some people find it offensive, but “Blackwork” style tattoos have been liked and inked on people for ages, so it’s hard to tell why this time it was too much for so many people. What do you think?

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Some people took issue with Belle Atrix’s tattoos

While others saw nothing bad about them