Everyone who experiences periods knows that they’re absolutely no fun. And if the bleeding, cramps, and mood changes weren’t bad on their own, this menstrual ghost haunts us every month and there’s no place to hide from it. Sure, pregnancy, menopause or hormone treatment can keep that boogie-man away, but other than that, one is left to fend for themselves. It is estimated that half of the world’s population needs to use feminine hygiene items a week each month, every month, for over 30 years. That, of course, can be pricey, considering that those products are subject to value-added tax and are not tax-exempt like other products regarded as basic necessities. One Tumblr user pointed this out, and it sparked quite a debate, with people sharing their own stories, speculating where it all stems from and even talking about the much needed change. Scroll down to read what people had to say below and tell us if you agree with them or have your own stories to tell! (Facebook cover image: shelley brunt)

One Tumblr user reminded everyone about the tampon tax and sparked a discussion

Many started speculating that the problem (which is evident in the government) stems from lack of sex ed at schools

They returned to the topic of taxes and how there was some change in the air with Australia setting to remove the tampon tax by January, 2019