I grew up, but I still like tales. They have some kind of magic which reminds me of my childhood.

It’s gone so fast, and we have to be rugged and brave in adult life, and stand in the gap in daily round. The good tale is an elixir for the tired souls, it can teach us to love and to respect ourselves, and each other too.

In these paintings I tried to capture the grownup world problems, fears, and questions. I would like to show how we can forget the freedom of child-spirit, and how we lock our creativity in cages by the scary thoughts. The grownups oftentimes dread from making mistakes, and many times they're not sure about life things. The children don’t think about making faults, they just do something and when it goes wrong, they try again, learning from their mistakes.

We always measure everything with money and time. But these are not the most important things. The best thing in our lives is freedom. Like as hug, smile, sleep, love, hope, rain, sunshine, wind... These are invaluable.

Sometimes our wills supervise us. But in my opinion, if we have an open heart and positive attitude like children, we can be more self-reliant in numerous range of life.

So let’s be curious, let’s love the surprise, get the reason to be pleased every day! Never forget that child who lives in us deep in our soul. When we spend more time to play with our children and friends or just with our pets, we can find a way to feel like little children again.

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#1 Little Prince And The Fox

Little Prince And The Fox

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I always saw somebody I never knew before.

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#2 Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland

Every piece of my heart is the hidden secret of my cards, and you can’t read my poker face.

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DancingToMyself 1 year ago

I like it a lot.

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#3 Snow White

Snow White

Every trouble begins with an apple…

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#4 The Wizard Of Oz

The Wizard Of Oz

Encourage me when I feel lost in my mind.

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#5 Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

If the monster of fear rules us, we also turn into monsters.

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#6 Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf

Smack me if you can, and you will taste my sacrifice for you.

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Kate Swift 1 year ago

I don't get it

#7 The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

I crave after wishes of the soul.

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#8 The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince

Don’t leave me alone in this blind world because if you will, you will be the last miracle that I see in my life, I would like to be blind too.

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Kate Swift 1 year ago


#9 Cinderella


Show me your real face and I will find your noble soul.

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#10 Six Swans

Six Swans

Give me your half wings when I’m falling down through my teardrops.

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