Dinosaurs have always fascinated me. After a trip to a local museum and looking at some model on the exhibit I decided to create my own. Since I have been doing Paper Models for over 20 years, I used my skill to create a 3d model that became the patterns to make this sculpture. The model is roughly 2oo individual part that have to be cut, folded and pasted by hand. At the end you end up with a 75 cm model of this amazing creature. The design took me a couple of months to create, texture and separate into the individual parts needed to build this model. The actual build itself took me around 2 weeks putting in a couple of hours a day. One other thing about this model is that because it is made with printable patterns (the texture is already printed no need to paint it) it can be replicated easily and even scaled according to your needs. I also have more model on the line. I am planing on making a whole collection. I hope you like them.

More info: alejandr0-m.blogspot.ca

T rex papercraft