Sam came to the Reedsport K9 Shelter as a stray – underweight, sad, and suffering with severe anxiety issues.

This past year spent in the shelter and working with the volunteers has turned him into a different dog. A sweet, gentle, and LOVING dog.

More info:

He’s super smart! He knows sit, lie down, stay, shake, high-five, he comes when called, catches treats in the air and more!

Sam will let you put anything on his head for a photo opportunity

He’s just cool like that

Sammy is good with other dogs, even small dogs! But he would prefer to be the only dog in the house

He needs to go to a low-key home. While he is not scared of much, he is easily overwhelmed

He’s medium energy, and only needs a good daily walk and he’s a happy boy!

10 years old, but doesn’t act a day over 3

If there are children in the house, they need to be older and more mature. Sam isn’t a ruff & tumble play buddy

Sam loves meeting new people and wins the hearts of everyone he meets

Who can resist that smile?

Sweet Sammy needs a new best friend to spend his time with

All Sweet Sammy wants for Christmas is a family