Last year, I started photographing with my new Nikon D750 camera and wide angle 16-35mm lens. I discovered that I mostly liked surreal looking pictures, and I could achieve that by doing a few things;

First of all, I started photographing from a low angle. What I mostly like about low angles is that the viewer can finally see the nicest pavements and tiles, vegetation, water, sand, etc., that will otherwise stay underexposed. Those objects on the floor will lead the viewer to the main object in the picture. Especially when shooting with a wide angle lens.

The main object is the second thing. I mostly like symmetrical objects, like two trees, buildings or other objects.

The third main ingredient is a dramatical, overcast sky. I really, really like overcast skies. And finally, when I arrive home I edit the pictures in Adobe Camera Raw and play with shadows, midtones and highlights. After that, I sometimes use Photoshop for some extra sharpening or contrast.

Here are some of my most favorite 2015 shots, feel free to share and comment!

More info:

When two trees become one

Those two trees are the main reason why I bought my camera. I drove past them a lot of times, because they’re near my village. When I first uploaded this picture on Facebook, Flickr and other sites, people saw the most interesting things in them: lungs, dancing people, love, etc.. The reactions where overwhelming. This picture is still one of my favorites.

Royal Basement symmetry

Again a symmetrical image with low angle. This one is shot in Seville, Spain. I didn’t had to do a lot at the lighting or shadows, because it was just right at the moment.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona at a cloudy autumn day


This one was shot in The Netherlands, near the place I live. These wooden poles look like they disappear on the horizon, again because of the low angle. I like the sand, little stones, shelves and the little waves. And of course the cloudy sky :)

Burned church in Lisbon, Portugal

This burned Sao Domingo Church in Lisbon is really surreal because it was once burned and after that was never restored. Not a really, really low angle, but still rather low to catch the roof and most of the pillars.

Infinite bridge

This is a different one than the other pictures, because it’s not a symmetrical photograph. But I still liked this one because of the low angle, sky and wide angle lens. It’s also shot with a grey filter for long exposure.

Bodleian library Oxford with pavement

Actually I mostly liked the pavement, so I laid down my camera on top of the pavement and shot this image.

Mondriaan Mill, Abcoude, The Netherlands

Royal Palace at Dam Square, Amsterdam

The pavement at the Dam Square in Amsterdam is one of eye catching things at this square. Of course the buildings on too, but I really liked to show them.

A Hitachi crane during dike reinforcement work in Zeeland, The Netherlands