British visual artist Suzanne Moxhay invites her audience into apocalyptic scenes, made with photomontage. However, instead of relying solely on photo editing, Suzanne uses a 110-year-old photography technique called matte painting which was popularized by the movies from the 20th century.

A matte painting is usually a painted glass pane that is used to show landscapes or large set pieces. Matte paintings are either filmed on set, where the crew frames them to look like a physical set piece, or they are combined with live footage in post production.

Moxhay mixes her own beautiful photos with archival ones to create new and original photo manipulations with an eerily magical vibe. “I’m never sure where it’s gonna go initially, but I look for things that can work together,” the artist says. “[My] latest photography art is all interiors, and they’re all completely fictitious spaces that I’ve built from many fragments of different rooms,” Moxhay says about her unique artworks. “I look for interesting connections between details in photographs of rooms that I’ve either collected or photographed myself.” She also likes to present places empty, like a stage set where something could happen any second.

Now scroll down below and check the stunning pictures for yourself!

More info: (h/t: mmm)