I am a photographer-witch from Lithuania. I grew up in a place surrounded by woods and jungle-like meadows – traveling, wandering and observing every natural outburst. All this natural habitat around me nurtured a wild imagination and the ability to see things deeper than the average human eye. Over time, photography was born, where the characters in them have become like my reflections.

My work is not about the twinkle that we see here and now. It’s like an optical illusion, invisible but felt as a moment. Each portrait is a little message to the world. A message to open our eyes and start creating images with all of our human senses.

If you want to see a photograph that you can touch, feel and smell, I invite you to visit my personal exhibition at Juozas Art Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania. It will be there all January. Large format canvas prints will be available for purchase.

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