Who hasn’t dreamed about huge waves, the sun, endless ocean, wind, smile, fun, girls… Who hasn’t dreamed about pure freedom? I have. You also have, even if you don’t admit.

Now I dream about the judgement day when I’m gonna leave all that stuff which is not so important, which keep us in the office every day, which is eating us from inside… I’m dreaming about that day when I’m gonna catch my biggest wave again.

That day will come when we are all gonna surf again, our hidden dreams will come true. Using photo manipulation, I would like to show to all people, hang loose sign… we are going back on the beach! Don’t forget about your dreams. Shaka!

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Surfing with whales

Surfing with wrecks

No surfing today

Surfer’s rhapsody

Surfing with wrecks

Surfer’s rhapsody 2

Surfing gull