DesignCrowd has run a contest recently with its global community of designers, asking them to imagine famous superheroes and villains as the star of modern advertising campaigns for famous household products.

Protagonist and antagonists, re-imagined in current day advertising have been uploaded to the online community. Check out some of the best designs here.

Which one is your favorite?

More info:

Longer. Stronger. Better.

Stay dark longer!

Gollum modelling Paco Rabanne

Let’s put a smile on your face

Gandalf spruiking Glassex’s amazing cleaning power

Green Lantern endorsing Carlsberg

Wolverine for Lays

For a closer shave

Darth Vader is Lovin’ It

Dr. Evil has The Axe effect

Would you buy this iPhone?

For baby soft skin

Let’s fry some chicken

Because he’s worth it

Wolverine has had a long day

Superman loves Jockey

The flash representing Adidas

But first, let’s take a selfie