Hiding in the last row of a boring class in high school shouldn’t always be regarded as slacking. What once started of as fooling around with Photoshop and 3D Max in the back of AutoCAD class, has now developed into signature style that 30-year-old digital artist Michael Oswald describes as ‘photo manipulation on steroids’.

These days, creation of Michael’s artwork starts by taking up to 100 reference pictures until he gets a perfect shot which is then processed in Photoshop and 3D Max. He uses just a few Photoshop tools like blurring, airbrushing and smudging to paint over the top of the image in order to make it look like a painting.

In spite of his work being a combination of unique Photoshop techniques and digital painting, Michael O doesn’t underestimate the importance of knowledge of the traditional art techniques. “The standard rules of art, like composition, always apply and the medium is just a personal choice,” says Michael.

Website: bymichaelo.com