I've been working in the animation industry as a character and background designer for several years. After bringing other people's visions to life, I had an intense need to create work for myself, so I started drawing on post-its and making comics in my down time. Usually, I'd draw a character with the focus on her facial expression. Then I began writing captions to go with the illustrations and people seemed to really respond to the captions -- So it became a habit.

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I try to make the drawings relatable, whether it's through humor, or from a more serious approach. I enjoy making people laugh, but I also think the more you're willing to bare your soul, the more likely you are to evoke an emotion in your audience. My favorite subject to explore is probably loved. I talk about heartache, lust, and loneliness a lot, too. I like to illustrate moments that I think most people can identify with and touch on issues that they may have experienced but had a hard time acknowledging.

And some are just plain silly.

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#9 When Loneliness Arrives In Its Most Sadistic Form At Night

When Loneliness Arrives In Its Most Sadistic Form At Night


CelSlade 1 year ago

The raw simplicity and candour of these are just beautiful.

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