Club Geluk is an Amsterdam based textiles label. Famous for our “Darn! men with yarn” calendar which features scarcely dressed men with knitted probs, as an ironic answer to the well-known garage pin-up calendars. Designing fabrics and making objects with the use of yarn and textiles, we also often knit random objects for commercials and magazines. Last year, for a huge advertisement campaign by a Dutch department store, we made a knitted ham. We received so many requests to reveal the secret of the knitted ham that we had to write a book about it!

We knit (and crochet a little) every day stuff like food and utensils, as realistic and detailed as possible. Food will never go bad, utensils become cuddly and the movement is touchable.

“Club Geluk and the secret of the knitted ham and more bizarre knits” is your rough guide to knit the unknittable: meat, champagne, cigaret smoke and more random daily stuff.

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