I got a message from Amanda, a mother of 3 children, who suffers from PTSD from abuse and wanted me to help her create raw awareness of the truth about abuse and that there are hope and happiness following. She said this was a part of her healing process of not being silent anymore and using photography and art to speak to reach people. These images are raw truths about her life from abuse and overcoming into the light of hope. The damage does not go away but there is light at the end of the tunnel of darkness. With our country the past few months first with the Covid-19 she saw so much love of our country ( which was beautiful) it is how it should be. Which then turned to the raw truths with protest and violence and abuse.

Her heart hurt and ached and she knew she needed to raise awareness. It is not only in relationships we see abuse it is everywhere! The man whose life was taken for no reason and many others! I have no explanation for this but my heart hurts from this and it is abuse! It is time to raise awareness. Some have been dealing with this their whole lives and I could not imagine the pain they have felt. I speak to you! God has called her to use her ugly story of abuse to reach people out of love and give them hope! She may not have the same story but on some level, she feels the pain so deep of the world around her of all the types of abuse.

She said, “if I reach one person free from abuse from these images I would consider it a success.” We hear from you! We see you! There is hope! We choose to love! We choose to fight for you all! We choose to speak to you when the words are too hard for you to speak! Stop abuse. Let’s love! Raise awareness! Enough is enough! We came together to put this to life!

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