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I Make My Kids Star Wars Lunches To Take To School
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I Make My Kids Star Wars Lunches To Take To School

Every Monday I make my kids fun lunches for school. I started doing this because wanted to let them know that their dad is thinking about them and loves them. These lunches all have different themes based on what they interested in at the time.

My family loves Star Wars so I have made them a number of Star Wars themed lunches. I make them out of ordinary food that many people already have in their kitchens. They take about 30 minutes to create. My kids have loved these lunches and are counting down the days to when they can see The Force Awakens.

More info: lunchboxdad.com

Stormtrooper tortilla for building your own darkside burrito

Chewbacca sandwich and banana TIE fighter lunch


Star Wars R2D2 sandwich and TIE fighter Christmas lunch

Star Wars – My Little Pony lunch mashup


Princess Leia hamburger and cheese lunch

Ewok sandwich and Biker Scout hard boiled egg lunch

BB-8 droid sandwich and first order Stormtrooper egg

Yoda Kiwi, C3P0 mango, R2D2 egg, cheese deathstar, and apple lightsabers


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