Hi Pandas! Ever happened that you meet someone and “have the feeling you’re looking at yourself in a mirror”. So, that’s how my boyfriend and I felt when we met in social networks, and even though it might sound crazy we decided to start a relationship, despite the fact that we live more than 200 miles away.

We’re a nerdy, geeky, handcraft-book-knowledge-movie lovers kind of couple and share our thoughts and ideas using the #ILD. We started dating on November 4th, so we decided our “month-versary” will be the 4th day of every month. And since he loves how I cook what a better way to celebrate this May than making Star War pancakes and doing a movie marathon!

Setting up the ingredients! Pancake mix, chocolate and patience

Flour, milk, cream, butter, and a bit of baking powder are my home-made pancake recipe. And for the chocolate just melted a big spoon of butter and added the powder chocolate, so it will be liquid. and I could draw with it.

And now, it’s just a matter of being creative

Once we had the mix, I drew on the pan, and then put the mix on top, so the icon was like printed on the pancake.
This idea at first was planned as a surprise for him. I tried to use icons most people would recognise from the Star Wars saga

Actually one of the first things he gave me was an R2D2 made of clay!

And that’s it! Happy Month-Versary!