Fact: wild squirrels are extremely fidgety filmmakers. Thanks to some clever trickery by YouTube user Viva Frei, who attached a piece of bread to a GoPro as bait, a hungry squirrel was convinced to make off with the lightweight action camera, where it then shot an impromptu video of its squirrelly adventures among the trees.

While this cute little rodent eventually dropped the camera from the tree to the ground after eating the bread, Viva Frei was not quite as lucky when he tried to pull off the same stunt a few days later with another squirrel that decided to leave his camera on the tree, forcing him to get his friend Warren to retrieve it by climbing the darn tree. Squirrels sure learn fast!

More info: Viva Frei  (h/t: kotaku, tastefullyoffensive)

Squirrel strutting near GoPro

What is this? Squirrel seems very interested in GoPro

Squirrel takes the GoPro and runs off to the tree. Such a view!

Watch the full videos below: