As Mahatma Gandhi once said, you have to start with yourself. The brilliance of this is that it can be applied to almost anything, starting with the amount of rubbish lying on the streets and ending with some actual social issues that can’t be ignored. Of course, various social issues are always a controversial topic but yet, it must be talked about. And sure enough, we need to act upon them as well. Today’s story features someone who just couldn’t put up with racist graffiti around the city center of Manchester anymore and figured out how to improve the situation in a brilliantly witty way.

Someone in Manchester came up with an ingenious way to improve the city’s situation regarding racist graffiti

Even though most cities have loads of graffiti, some of them are more appealing to the masses than others. And how else could it be when some of them are purely racist and insulting to certain social groups. Seeing this, someone in Manchester decided to act upon it by covering the graffiti up with a poster of a cat.

They figured the best way to fight against it is not just to try and hide it but to acknowledge the problem and face it head-on

They decided to cover up the graffiti with a picture of a cat instead

People have spotted the stickers all around the city covering hoax Extinction Rebellion posters with inflammatory messages about immigration and race. Although the person behind this is unknown, it seems that the stickers themselves come from an Australian organization called Cracks Appearing Distro.

This is not the first attempt to fight negative graffiti in European cities

Someone in Berlin came up with a creative way to fight swastikas that started to appear around the city

The Anti-Fascist group offers a wide variety of stickers, with these particular ones selling at $14 for a pack of thirty. It seems like not that high of a price for the message it’s carrying!

They started turning Nazi symbol graffiti into various funny paintings

Most people liked the idea


However, not everyone was happy about the stickers