Would you mind if I continue my soap opera? :D

Almost a year ago, I got the idea of making a soap house, but I couldn’t realize that definitely it was a great problem to find a suitable mold for it (you know, mold plays an important role in decorative soap making). Everything that I found that time wasn’t that thing that I needed, so I despaired and gave up this idea.

After a year, I decided to start searching again and… I’ve found exactly that mold that I needed! It allows me to make a lightweight (yes, for this kind of soap it’s light) house with the right thickness of all elements which allows to assemble them into a single whole. The house is hollow inside and its height is about 9 cm.

The most frequent question about this soap house is: “How should it be used?” Actually, it’s very simple: the soap itself is a soft material and this house can be used in parts, which you can easily separate from each other.

More info: Etsy