Now that the cold is arriving I have thought that some famous tv and movie characters also can enjoy the snow!

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These designs are now on t-shirts and can be found in my Etsy shop. Feel free to choose your favorite or suggest a new one.

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#1 The Dark Side Of The Snow

The Dark Side Of The Snow


Flóra Varga 8 months ago

*tha dark side of the moon :Dwait... this is not a moon :(

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#3 Snow Bb Ball

Snow Bb Ball


Agnes Jekyll 8 months ago

love this!!!

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#4 Snow Is Coming

Snow Is Coming


Ok Ha-Neul 8 months ago

jon *snow* kekeke

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#5 The Grinchshank Redemption

The Grinchshank Redemption


riley.girl 8 months ago

Genius! I need this!

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