Oh, the weather outside is frightful … but you are a photographer and you feel the itch. You want to take some photos but you are stuck indoors. Well that’s cool, you can always get creative and find an obsession in the things that surround you most of the time. They’re always there, but you got so comfortable with them that they don’t pose any interest to you anymore.

But try to get yourself into the state of awe and look again at all the little things around you. Some people go in the kitchen and get creative with glasses, forks, spoons, pick up some fruits … well I’ve been there, this time I wanted something more … explosive.

I’m fascinated by light bulbs… It gives me a feeling of endless possibilities in getting creative with them. So I decided to smash them … head-on … with a hammer … while still powered on. What came out of it ?… you can find the pictures bellow.

For this kind of hi-speed photography people tend to automatize the shooting by using all sorts of triggers. I haven’t used any. If you do this with a friend you can always use music or just trying to keep a beat together to synchronize down to millisecond. More experiments will be added.. soon.

More info: elydan.photography


Smashing a powered light bulb… with a hammer… head on


Splitting the atom

Cold Fire

Monochrome Smash

Maybe the multitude of colors can be distractive and dissonant, so here’s a harmonious blue-tinted monochromatic version.

Lady in black

This is a spin-off.. You can break the bulb, carefully, not to break the filament. Power it up and it will generate a trail of smoke as it burns out. Pictured here, a negative of the smoke trail

Cool Idea

Another idea while exploiting the beauty of light bulbs. Pure Ice.
What you see is just Ice, the inner parts were removed and the glass broke when the water expanded after 6 hours spent in the freezer.